Our Ultra HD car wash provides a deeper gloss finish that goes beyond a showroom shine; using Autoglym products for that professional finish.


IMO Ultra HD Pro Shield is a car shampoo plus a paint enhancing protector, rolled into one high gloss, high tech, long term protection.

After washing, your vehicle with our exclusive Ultra HD Pro Shield, your car will have a glistening shine with added protection which also dispels rain and dirt better, repairs the paintwork, doesn’t leave any smearing on the windshield, protects against pollution by forming a protective barrier and is the latest state of the art polymer technology. 

The slick coating is anti-static, meaning it does not attract dust and dirt. This shampoo is a great way to maintain and prolong a well-detailed finish. 

Primarily, Ultra HD Pro Shield is a car shampoo and it does that job very well. It generates plenty of suds and offers excellent lubrication while your car is washed. 

When your car is rinsed and dried, you will notice the fantastic sheeting effect that leaves barely any water on the vehicle.


We are proud to use Autoglym products in all our wash programmes.

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