Founded in 1965 in Germany, IMO now operates across a network of over 750 locations in 12 European countries and across Australia, washing over 30m cars a year.

The wash system has been continually developed by us to maximise the wash quality and speed and to ensure that we deliver consistent results on every car. We offer a variety of programmes to suit all cars and budgets. Using our state of the art conveyor system,  we can wash a car in under 3 minutes and wash up to 4 cars at a time.

Our machines are all manufactured by us in Germany with soft brushes carefully sculpted and angled to clean every part of the vehicle. Our local friendly operators are on hand to ensure that your car is thoroughly pre-washed and your wheels are cleaned.



All our sites are operated by a trained, insured operator who is there to ensure you are looked after and your vehicle is cleaned properly. 

Simply stay in the car while the operator pre-washes the surface dirt off the vehicle and allows our soft clean brush technology to quietly and effectively work on the car without damaging the paintwork. In independent tests by the International Paint Research Association, IMO brush technology was proven to be the safest way to clean your car. We recycle up to 80% of the water we use and only ever use bio-degradeable chemicals from Kaynor part of the Autoglym group.



The IMO wash is a combination of manual high pressure pre wash on the bodywork and wheels and a series of foam soft brushes designed to fit every angle of the car. The combination of manual and automated processes ensure that we can deliver exceptional results consistently and quickly without compromising on quality

Our scented waxes and sealants continue working on the paintwork long after you’ve left the site, dispelling road dirt and water from the bodywork.


The Environment

Caring for the environment is high on our agenda and we meet all local and International standards in the areas where we operate. We adhere to all Dekra standards in Germany. Our washes are designed to use a maximum of 100 ltrs of fresh water per car, each time we recycle up to 80% of the fresh water we use to minimize our impact on the environment. We then take all the waste water and filter out any impurities which are then all disposed of carefully through environmentally approved contractors.



We offer value for money across our full programme range. You can be sure that with IMO our car washes don’t cost the earth, whether it’s the price or the environmental impact.


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