• Information regarding passwords

    • Your password can be changed at any time, we recommend that you do this every few months.
    • To change your password go to More menu > Profile > Personal Settings > Change Password
  • Payment Cards

    • We ask you to add a card when placing your first order. We ask for the long card number from the front of the card. The name as it appears on the front of the card, its expiry date and 3 digit CVV / CVC from the back
    • Once added the card gets stored with our banking partner, not IMO
    • You can add a second card to your account from the More menu > Profile > Payment methods
    • You can remove a registered card by swiping left on the card number you want to remove
  • Contact Us

    You can contact us through our customer services department.  Customer-Services@imo-carwash.co.uk

  • COVID-19 & Pre Wash

    • Our current covid19 statement is on our home page.
    • We recommend customers make contactless payments when paying for their wash.
    • Our machines can take contactless payment through a closed window if desired.
    • Our UK Pre Wash service will resume on the 12th April in accordance with the start of the government restrictions being lifted.
  • Locations

    • There are over 250 locations across the UK branded IMO or ARC
    • On both the website and the Wash Club IMO app, we can recommend your closest wash site based on your location
  • Can I wash my soft top car at your car washes

    Yes cabriolet cars can be washed at IMO car washes, provided there is no damage to the roof.

  • Can electric cars be washed in a conveyor car wash

    Yes IMO car washes can wash electric cars.  Please speak with the operator if you have any questions.

  • Reporting Damage

    At IMO, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to report any damage caused whilst in our care.

    We have a procedure in place to make this as easy as possible.  We ask you to complete a form at the location where the alleged damage has taken place, taking photographs of the damage where possible.

    This form and the investigation is managed by the Customer Service team at the IMO (UK) head office.  After we’ve received a complaint, we want to work with you to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

    Our obligation is to give you a final response within 8 weeks unless delays are caused by third party insurance companies or other factors out of our control.


  • How do I complain or give feedback

    If you would like to make a complaint, please get in touch and we will look into this as soon as possible.

    App - If you are a registered app user, you can contact us via the App 

    Email - Email us at customer-services@imo-carwash.co.uk

    Phone - Our UK based international head office number is +44 (0)1494 897 410

    Post - If you’d prefer, you can put your complaint in writing and send it to:
    Customer Service Team, IMO Car Wash, 35-37 Amersham Hill, High Wycombe, Bucks, HP13 6NU

    What happens next?
    We will be in touch within 3 business days to try and resolve your issue for you. If we are unable to resolve your complaint in this time, you should know that we're typically allowed up to 8 weeks to investigate a complaint and produce what is referred to as our final response.

    Don't want to complain but want to give us feedback?
    Please share your thoughts by our app, email, phone or by letter and we'll ensure this information is passed on to the relevant team.



  • How to change car registration on the IMO app

    You can change your car registration through the app by going to your account, view account, select your name and select your car registration.

    Once you have changed your registration please scroll to the bottom of the page and save profile.

  • Purchased items in the app but not showing in the wallet

    Refresh the screen and connect to WIFI.

    All you need to do is pull the screen down with your finger while your wallet page is open. This should bring your code back through.

  • Prices

    • Prices vary across sites so we recommend you contact the site direct. Contact details can be found on our website.
    • Valet prices also vary depending on the service and location.  Please contact the site direct for full information.
  • Max vehicle size

    • This can vary by site. Please contact the site you are looking to visit directly for information.
    • Vehicle and wheel size information is featured at the bottom of each menu on the wash pad.
  • Privacy Policy

    Our privacy policy is featured on the footer of our website.  https://www.imocarwash.com/gb/privacy-policy/

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