Wash Subscription

Wash your car up to 12 times per month for one low monthly payment!

The Wash Subscription is available on our signature Ultra HD, Pro-Shield Wash and triple foam washes. It’s quick and simple to sign up and once you are a member you can wash your car up to 12 times per month and will automatically be billed every 30 days.

The Wash Subscription is currently available at all sites.

By registering on the IMO Car Wash UK app, you are authorising us to keep your data on file and are agreeing to our PRIVACY POLICY. Please click on this link for further details.

You can download the app here:

Terms of Use:

  • Wash Subscription is only eligible for use on the vehicle you have registered to your account on the App
  • Wash Subscription is restricted to twelve car washes within each 30-day subscription period
  • Your Wash Subscription payment will be taken when you sign up and then the recurring payment will automatically be taken from that account every 30 days
  • Wash Subscription is only available for personal users. During the registration process on the App you will be asked to confirm if your vehicle is used for commercial businesses (including but not limited to private hire, hackney carriage, automotive trade, rental or liveried vehicles) and if this is the case unfortunately you will not be eligible to sign up for Wash Subscription
  • When you sign up your subscription will be linked to your selected local site. 80% of your Wash Subscription usage must be at your selected site. If you are using another site(s) for more than 20% of your Wash Subscription redemptions, this may change your selected base site and you will pay the subscription price for that site – you will be notified by email if this has happened and will have the option to cancel your subscription
  • For full terms and conditions please visit: https://www.imocarwash.com/gb/subscription-terms/


Enquiries and Cancellation:

You can cancel your subscription at any point by emailing subscription@imo-carwash.co.uk and including your account email and registered car registration.

  • Please note it may take up to 7 working days to cancel your subscription, any payments due in this time may still be taken
  • If you would like to change your registered card details, please email subscription@imo-carwash.co.uk
  • You can change your registered vehicle up to 4 times a year by emailing subscription@imo-carwash.co.uk with details of your old and new registered vehicle

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