Wash Club Terms and Conditions




These Terms and Conditions, together with the IMO Privacy Policy, apply to your Wash Club membership and govern your relationship between imo Car Wash Australasia Propriety Limited (trading as IMO Car Wash), a company registered in Australia with ABN 12 118 962 548, whose registered office is at Unit 1, 87-89 Whiting Street, Artarmon, NSW 2064 (“IMO”, “we” or “us”) and you in respect of your Wash Club membership.


We reserve the right to amend these terms and conditions or terminate the Wash Club programme at any time in our absolute discretion.


  1. Becoming a member


There are two ways to join Wash Club:



By joining Wash Club, you agree to the Terms and Conditions, our Privacy Policy and any terms of use on our website  http://imocarwash.com/au/


Wash Club is not open to employees of imo Car Wash Australasia Propriety Limited, IMO site operators or their employees, business customers or taxi or Share Drive drivers.  Wash Club is only available to people aged 17 years or over.


Through your membership of Wash Club, you may be provided with discount or free wash vouchers or codes on the App, by email or any other means (“Vouchers”).


  1. App membership


Your membership can only be registered in the name of an individual and only one membership may be registered in the name of each individual. When you register on the App, you will be required to provide the registration number of your vehicle which will be registered on your Wash Club account (“Nominated Vehicle”). You will also be required to choose an IMO site as your base site.


Membership through the App is only open to people who:


  • are 17 years of age or over;
  • hold a full and valid driving licence which is legally valid for driving in Australia; and
  • are a fully insured driver of your Nominated Vehicle.


Vouchers issued on the App (including under the “Buy 6, get 1 free offer”) are personal to you and are only valid for your Nominated Vehicle. Amendments to your Nominated Vehicle and registered email address are restricted to four amendments per year. Vouchers will be issued through a QR code, which will enable us to recognise the Nominated Vehicle.  You must present the QR Code on the App in order to receive the benefit of the relevant Voucher. Some vouchers may only be valid at the base site you selected when registering with the App. If that is the case, it will be clearly stated on the relevant Voucher.


You may not share your account or any log-in information (such as your account ID and password) with any other person. You must notify us immediately of any unauthorised access of your account of which you become aware.


  1. App “Buy 6 get 1 free offer”


If you have signed up to Wash Club on the App, for every six washes you buy at any participating site in Australia within a six-month period you will receive a free car wash (“Free Wash Reward”).  No Voucher or other discounts may be used in the purchase of the six qualifying washes. The Free Wash Reward will be the top wash available at the site at which you redeem your Free Wash Reward. The Free Wash Reward must be earned and used within a six-month period beginning on the date on which you sign up to Wash Club. A new six-month period for accumulating and using Free Wash Rewards will begin on the day of use of your Free Wash Reward or the day after expiry of each six-month period. At the end of each six-month period, any washes purchased during that period will no longer count towards collection of a Free Wash Reward and any unused Free Wash Rewards will be removed from your wallet on the App and will no longer be available.


  1. General Voucher terms


The following terms apply to all Vouchers, issued through the Wash Club programme:


  • Vouchers have no cash redemption value and cannot be exchanged for cash.
  • Only one Voucher can be redeemed per transaction, unless stated otherwise, and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or promotion.
  • Vouchers may only be valid at participating sites and are not transferable.
  • Vouchers are only valid for the dates of the promotion or the validity period stated on or with the Voucher.
  • Vouchers can only be redeemed against the stated wash programme or service.
  • Vouchers provided through the App must be shown in electronic form on the App in order to claim the offer.
  • Paper Vouchers which are damaged or photocopied will not be accepted.


  1. Cancellation of your membership


We may, at our discretion, cancel any Vouchers (immediately and without notice) if you:


  • fail to meet the eligibility criteria for membership of Wash club;
  • are, or are suspected by us of being, guilty of any abusive behaviour (whether actual or threatened) towards our equipment or any of our operators or their employees wherever they are located; or
  • are, or are suspected of, breaching these Terms and Conditions or providing false information.


  1. Maintenance and servicing of equipment


  • In order to maintain the quality and availability of our sites, we are committed to regular maintenance and servicing of our washing equipment. During these times, provision of the services at our sites may be interrupted. We cannot guarantee that our machinery and equipment will be fully operational at all times and services at our sites may be suspended from time to time.
  • imo Car Wash reserves the right to close sites not only due to equipment maintenance but also due to inclement weather, holidays and site upgrades.


  1. Health and Safety


We are committed to the highest levels of health and safety across our sites. We shall provide clear and unambiguous instructions on the safe operation of all of our equipment at our sites.  Full particulars of the circumstance of any incidents that result in damage or loss to our equipment or your possessions should be reported directly to an operator at the site immediately and an incident report form must be completed.


  1. Your personal information


We follow strict security procedures to ensure that your personal information is not damaged, destroyed, or disclosed to a third party without your permission and we are committed to maintaining the security of your information in accordance with data protection laws.


You may update your information at any time on the App, subject to restrictions on the amendment of the Nominated Vehicle and email address as set out in section 2 above.


If you would like information on how we use your personal information, please refer to our Privacy Policy which can be found here: https://www.imocarwash.com/au/privacy-policy/


  1. Liability


We do not exclude or limit in any way our liability to you where it would be unlawful to do so.


If we fail to comply with these Terms and Conditions, we are not responsible for any loss or damage that is not foreseeable. We shall not be liable or responsible for any injury or incident (resulting in damage or loss to yourself or your vehicle) as a result of the improper use of any of our equipment, except where caused by our negligence.


  1. Contact between us


You can contact us by telephoning our customer service team at 02 8436 6800 or by writing to us at customer-services@imocarwash.com.au. or Customer Services, IMO Car Wash Australasia Propriety Limited, Unit 1, 87-89 Whiting Street Artarmon, NSW 2064.


If we need to contact you, we will do so by telephone or by writing to you at the email address you provided to us during the registration process. We will only contact you in accordance with our Privacy Policy.


  1. How we work to resolve disputes


  • We look to resolve all disputes promptly and fairly. If you have a complaint about our services which is not resolved on-site, please send us details of the dispute and your current contact information, either by email to customer-services@imocarwash.com.au or by Registered Mail to the address listed on our website. We will aim to respond to such letters within 5 working days.
  • As far as the law permits, imo Car Wash’s decision on all matters pertaining to Wash Club, including but not limited to any dispute as to any entitlement to a car wash, is final and binding.


  1. General


  • There are no membership fees associated with Wash Club. Vouchers and rewards accumulated under the programme have no cash value.


  • We reserve the right to amend or waive any provision of these Terms and Conditions from time to time and at any time including the number of washes required to receive a complimentary wash, or to terminate the Wash Club programme (and therefore your membership) on reasonable notice. You should check the terms on our website from time to time to take note of any changes we make. Any changes will come into effect 7 days after we publish the updated version on our website http://imocarwash.com/au/ . Your continued participation of Wash Club after this date will constitute your acceptance of such changes.


  • If a court decides that any part of these Terms and Conditions is invalid, that particular part of these Terms will not apply, but the rest of these Terms will. A delay in enforcing any provisions of these Terms and Conditions shall not prevent later enforcement of that term or enforcement of any other provision of these Terms.


  • The courts of Australia have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with these Terms or its subject matter or formation.


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